Fighting bullies one step at a time

What we do

The Boxing Bullies Team is working around the clock to empower as many young kids as possible to dismantle the bully mindset, build confidence and become leaders through the sport of boxing. As you read this, we are either reaching out to potential partners, setting up our next event, overseeing our glove manufacturing and distribution process, or meditating to make sure we’re level headed and not unloading our stress onto others in unhealthy ways like bullying.

What we beleive

Be kind to everyone

We believe that we must always lead with kindness. Kindness is not weakness! It is leading with love and seeing your peer as someone that you can trust and befriend.

Only defend, never initiate

As we educate the youth about boxing, our goal is to build students who are confident yet humble. Learning boxing is an empowering path that allows us all to feel stronger and more comfortable with who we are. We teach our students to use this confidence for good.

X-out bullying

We are just as focused on bullying education as we are on boxing education. Particularly given the rise in cyberbullying, we see anti-bullying education as being a critical cause that we must all commit to together. Education is the first step to a safer tomorrow.

Make a donation

As a registered 501 C3 non-profit, every dollar you contribute to our organization goes directly towards the cause of getting more children into the sport of boxing. Become part of the movement.